How to SpeedRun Ironclad Any% [Fast Mode] by DrJoofy

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How to SpeedRun the Spire with Ironclad Any% [Fast Mode]. (Made on 03/07/2018 Early Access Version)

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If you don't want to read the full guide, here is how you download livesplit & some common misconceptions.

LiveSplit (Download, Settings & Use)
Create New folder on your desktop called livesplit
Go to and download latest version of livesplit
Move the .zip folder to your livesplit folder on desktop
Right-click the zip folder and extract all to the desktop folder named livesplit
Open extracted folder and click on the Application file which has the logo of livesplit (three circles). This is the only executable file there
KEEP IN MIND livesplit takes like 30seconds to boot up every time i open it. IDK why but be patient pls
Open livesplit (a little nub with 0.00 will show up)
Right click on the nub and click open splits → from speedrun . com
Search for ‘Slay the spire’ (be patient, interface is slow)
Click slay the spire → fast mode ironclad any %
Check the box that says ‘download empty’
DO NOT check the boss that says include times as comparison
Click any one of the times that show up in black text and click download
Now you should have a timer that has all three segments, but a BUNCH of empty rows between act 2 and act 3
Right click on your livesplit player → edit layout → double click on word ‘splits’ → change ‘total splits’ to 3 → CLICK OK on that box → CLICK OK on next box
Now you have an appropriate sized livesplit player. We are almost done!
Right click on your livesplit player again → settings → check the box that says GLOBAL HOTKEYS
Finally right click livesplit player → settings → set your split/start/reset buttons to options that you find important! For slay the spire, I use numpad 1, 2, & 3 because the splits are usually during some animations
Remember your time starts when you click ‘embark’ and final split ends the second that final boss dies.

Misconceptions about STS SpeedRuns
“It’s all RNG and card spam”
As of 03/07/2018 I believe that RNG is only a major player after trying to push sub-8 minutes (top 5 players)
You do not need a perfect necro + double tap + WW + 6 energy + ice cream run to get top 10
You do not need all of that to have a fun run and feel THE THRILL of PBs and interacting with the community

Good luck with your running!
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About the Author:
I’m a twitch streamer who loves speedrunning STS!
I have 180+ hours on the game and over 600 runs with IronClad.
My PB as of writing this is 7:01 and is ranked at world #4.

Updated (03/18/18)