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This is kinda as similar to IceShadow92's Comment. But these would be kinda creative, to me. When I started Speedrunning this game, I added myself 5 New Categories for the Story Board. All Normal and Pure can add the same way they are but creative names, as I take Pure Dark and Hero (Original), to be Betrayed Pure Dark and Betrayed Hero. Take Pure Dark for example, doing Rough's Mission is Betrayed Pure Dark to fight Black Doom while doing Doom's Eye Mission is just plainly Pure Dark to fight Sonic and Diablon. For Neutral, I say Normal Hero and Normal Villan.

I hope this makes sense of what I said.


I get what you are saying, but it doesnt make much sense to split the categories up like that when the only difference is the last level and boss while everything else stays the same. So for now the answer is no.

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