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Hey i own a physical copy of seek and destroy but i do not have a ps2 im wondering if i run the game from CDVD in software mode and disabled all of PCSX2 speedhacks if i would be allowed to compete. Thank you for your time


I think the rules on emulators being banned are hard set, and the game is pretty dead. If you could show the loadtimes and gameplay was the same or worse, It would be fine by me but I'm not a moderator. GL either way, this game is laggy and rough on the eyes 😛

  Super ModMatttInTheHat

The problem is load times on emulator are way faster than ps2. But I really don't want to stop anyone from running the game if they don't have a ps2 so I guess we could make emu another category. Kinda sucks to split a dead game but unfair to put them together imo.


Thank You So Much!

i bet if we brought more awareness to the game we could build a community.


Hey Wats, glad to see your're interested in this little game. Feel free to ask questions if you need help with your run, either here or via pm. Would be nice to have a community here.