All Checkpoint files

These are all the major checkpoint files in Remember Me. Be aware that if you use any of these files, you will replace all your combos in the Combo Lab and might get all the Steam achievements automatically, if you haven't unlocked them yet. Most of the names of these files are the names used in the respective "Checkpoint.sav" code. If you want to use any of these, copy and paste them to \Steam\userdata\*\228300\remote\RememberMeSave0 , delete the current Checkpoint.sav file, and rename the save you want to use to Checkpoint.sav . Restart Remember Me, if you have already executed it. * means your Steam user id numbers. (direct download)

By TraivlinTraivlin




Cutscene Skips

A Mod created by SDA user Resilixia to allow the skipping of several of the larger cutscenes. Only for use in Cutscene Skip categories. Currently the only mod allowed. (external link)

By ResilixiaResilixia