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Does anybody have any interest in running the Second 4 Trainers as its own category? If three people total are interested in it (including me), I will add the category.

The First 4 Trainers category was an homage to the only two people who were running Pilotwings casually at the time, Twig and Sumichu, and I figured it would be a nice way for new players to start off with a shorter portion of the full game,

However, I do think adding Second 4 Trainers will spark a renewed interest in this speedgame.

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I like the idea as it can be a stepping stone to achieve any%. It makes great practice for the final parts so I don't see why it shouldn't be.

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I agree, especially since the helicopter missions are a major point where my Any% runs die. This category would help me practice the second half of the game without forcing a heli mission.

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Consider it added.

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