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I did a run of the Amiga version of Paperboy yesterday and thought I would submit it. Currently the leaderboard only has MS-DOS as a category, so I would like to ask if you would add an Amiga category. Thanks.


Awesome Reboot! .. Yes we will absolutely add the category for you.

Just be aware that, we have not currently investigated Amiga emulators and the rules may or may not vary (assuming you have performed the run on emulator). So I am unsure of what/whether or not there would be any restrictions placed as such. But from my quick check, I dont think there will be much problems.

I have just added the category, feel free to submit it now. I will talk with the other moderators sometime tomorrow about it and if all goes well, we'll have your run up on the leaderboard shortly. 🙂


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Yes, the run is on emulator. Amiga emulation is usually pretty solid and if you pick one of the preconfigured Amiga models it should be pretty accurate to compare times.

But just like DOS even on actual hardware the system speed can vary a lot. I think this game has no loading times, so at least this should not be an issue. The game speed is also locked to the framerate and so the CPU speed should not make a difference. But if you have any questions regarding Amiga hardware or emulation feel free to contact me on Twitch.

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Thanks Reboot. I'll be sure to send you some messages on twitch if I have any questions.

Yea this seems to be more a question of "what should be the standard" we set as the rules. I'll have to take a look at the emulator you used and compare how different speed settings play.

I took a look at WinUAE last night, .. kickstart roms, adf disk drives, CPU type and cycles settings ... lol setting up Amiga emulators is complicated. I will try FS-UAE tonight and see how it works too.

TBH I am happy to just set the rules as you have it set, since at a quick glance the game appears to be running at an appropriate speed. It would be nice if there was a way to make the emulator display that information on an overlay if possible.. but if what you say is correct about PB regulating its own delta time then it probably doesn't even matter in this case.

I'll have to try it when I get home from work today. I'll make sure to send you a message on twitch if I have any issues.