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He is using a non fresh game. This adds up time as you usually must wait for the dots to show. I know this is a silly small detail but while i like competition in smaller games like this, i didn't know this was allowed. I personally think the game should be played as it's intended like your playing it brand new. I would consider this Preloaded. If we are just gonna change the rules that is fine i would just like to be informed.


to be honest I'm not very familiar with the game really. does the pre-loaded save a lot of time? If it is a significant amount then I will change it to a NG and NG+ sub-category, but if it is just a second or two a stage I'll probably just edit the rules a bit.


Over the course of the run id assume it could save a couple minutes overall and it takes away the "completed" screens which all 4 are a couple seconds each and are the way we have been knowing when to cut the time off at. they aren't a lot individually but they do add up over time as some dots only spawn 1 after each level but some spawn 2 (side missions) and each dot takes about 2 seconds to show up. there are about 47 dots and 4 "completed" screens which all take about 2 seconds each adding up to about 1 minute and 42 seconds of extra time taken away. Im not trying to start anything to "get my WR back" but i just want to know if this is how we can run the game now or not


I think we can change it to New Game and Post Game, something along those lines. I saw that the rules stated that:
"Beat all Chapters as fast as you can
timer starts when selecting the first level and ends when the final boss battle is complete.
Extra levels are not needed for this run."

I took a lot of leeway with the rules when I saw this game had some speedruns and thought I would save a lot of time with everything preloaded and the characters used during the run leveled up. I'm all for moving mine over to a Post Game category.


alright nice thank you for responding!