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Use this thread to post information regarding new strats, optimal movement, theories and such! Preferably provide a video of your strat too.


- New time save in Kusa Village -

Saves over 2 seconds! Whoohooo every frame counts.
Remember to skip to 2:30 to see the other half of the time saver.


- New time save in Wawku Shrine -

By Kwanzai. Quick KT back to the entrance of Wawku Shrine, from the Blizzard Machine
Useful in NG+ All Brushes


- New time save in Agata Forest -

By Kwanzai. Saves 3 seconds upon first try. 1 if you get it second try and even if you use 2 KTs. The air dash is a bit precise. EDIT: You can bonk after the first wall jump to gain some more height, KT and use another wall jump to easily make it up there.


- KTless Oni Island Skip -

Happened for absolutely no reason in a no-reset run.

If there's a way to get oob on NG, then this could potentially lead to skipping the Fire Tablet completely.


-- Speed Restoration --

Note that while in the air your speed is at 0

If you jump into a cutscene trigger(or after an encounter), your speed is stored. After the cutscene, if you stay still your speed is still stored, but if you walk it goes away. However jumping in place will keep it at 0 and holding forward while in the air will allow you to start running at full speed.

Your speed is no longer stored if you enter a loading zone. However if the loading zone leads to an area that's on the same map, it will be stored. (Sasa, Dragon Palace, and Observatory tunnels)


- Fountain Skip -
I couldn't find out who originally found this. Just saw it in a gif on Twitter.

This skips half of the Digging minigame inside the Dragon Palace
Restart while in the air. Then hold Left and mash X to jump over the spikes.
Saves about a minute and a half.

Useful in All Brushes.

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Small time saver in the NG+ orochi strat. On the second waterspout when hitting all 3 heads you can hit the bell as well to save using one slip


-RTA Viable Mist Teleport-
A couple years ago Kwanzai accidentally cut the Mist pot from the starting area of the Imperial Palace, but couldn't replicate it.
A couple days ago Enraku showed that it was possible from the area you grab the key.
After hours of testing the Mist Teleport can finally be done in an RTA setting.


you can also do this same trick earlier at the start of the mini-section. This setup is not entirely consistent, but with a little practice you can get the handg of it.


more mist warp, earliest possible one, the 4:3 setup version


the 16:9 mist warp setup version:


- Fireburst Early -

There's an extremely tall invisible wall surrounding Sei-an, except directly above loading zones.
Use 3 KTs to get over, and one to gain horizontal distance.

Useful in All Brushes.


- Ubume Skip in NG -

Found by ZLAMP. Using a combination of walljumps and dashes, you can skip the Ubume Fight in Ryo. Coast.


- Gale Shrine Void Warp -

Found by Ryujin_SR. Hitting the cutscene trigger while not being above the platform will lead you to void out. The constellation's lines will disappear from not being on the platform.

Saves about 45-50 seconds in NG+ Any%.


- Fire Tablet/Imperial Palace Skip -

Found by ZLAMP/Cerpin and I. Begin by biting then bonking into Himiko's guard to pass them without having to go through the Sunken Ship, Imperial Palace, and defeating Blight. Using very very well timed jumps while having full speed will allow you to jump over the Lava room before speaking to Himiko(and fighting Evil Rao). On Oni Island, using the full height from the double jumps, land on the topmost point of the slope and jump then bonk off the invisible wall to land on the upper platform. While having full speed, jump off the stone ledge to reach the giant stone "pier".

Saves about 20 minutes in NG Any%(super rough estimate).
Himiko's Palace Early:

Fire Tablet Skip:


- Gale Shrine Void Warp strat -

Simply jump into the middle of one of the platform edges. The cutscene trigger is circular so it extends ever so slightly over the flat edges of the platform. Note: Fail the first constellation prompt right away to void out. This will avoid a softlock while attempting to complete the constellation.


- Gale Shrine reduced to Mini Gale Shrine -
By abusing the system that sets your respawn point when you void out from either drowning, falling off the map, or into a death plane, we can force the game to send us to the origin of the map (0,0,0), allowing us to skip the dreading "100 kt" up to the top of Gale Shrine in NG+ Any%! This results in doing a "Mini Gale Shrine" from NG+ All Brushes though, which doesn't take too long. (Can save 2-5 minutes depending on your skill level with KTing)