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So if you're reading this, you're probably aware of the superspeed glitch. See it happen twice in this clip from WhiteHat94:

Our current knowledge / suspicitions:

- It's possible to do at the very least with a single enemy or two enemies next to each other;

- It seems easier (?) to do when the player is on the ground;

- Releasing the control pad from the running direction will cancel the glitch, as does dashing for more than 10 frames;

- There seems to be a six frames window to make it happen on the second set of two enemies in 1-3.

Some possibly involved memory addresses are 00C9, 00CA, 00CB, 03B5, 03F1 and 03F2. Notably, every time I've had the glitch happen, 00C9-00CB had to be equal to 32 when releasing B.


So you could get it from any enemy then? There were some I tried to get it from but couldn't. From my new run I do the boost in 1-2, 1-3 and 2-1, all while I'm in the air.


Unfortunately no, I haven't been able to get it from any enemy. The very first enemy of the first level, for instance, wants nothing to do with it.

And I'm sorry for the late reply! I thought I had email notifications set up for this, but apparently I messed up.