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Hi, I'm planning on picking up running Medievil as it is a fantastic game. But I had some questions.

Can this game be run on a PS4?

Is there a active discord server? (Current link in a old post is dead)

Is there any other leaderboards?

Thanks in advance for any replies


Hey, Drix. Sorry for the late response.

We do have a current MediEvil discord server and I'll post the link here now -

There's no other leaderboards right now and as far as I'm aware you can only run MediEvil on PS1, PS2 and PS3.


PSP is a viable platform.
I'd assume this game is also playable on VITA as well. (Both of these are emulated ps1 through the PSN)


You can add the Discord invite to itself if you want.
This is how it would look like:
It's right at the top of the game's settings (The "Edit game" for the mods)


Thank you, Bill. đŸ™‚ Just added the discord link on this page now.


No worries with the late reply. It's summer times after all. I found out that I couldn't run it on the PS4 so I got the emulator instead and I've started learning the 100% route.