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I was thinking of possibly creating a category for no player launches and/or no keyboard macros. I think this would present a nice challenge of having to do combat the intended way. This does not prevent all forms of glitching however, such as I managed to fling vlad off of the map, instantly killing him. Any thoughts and/or comments would be appreciated.


Was thinking of a new one too. I've tried an all boss (except for tutorial "boss"), all moose (touching them so dialogue pops up) and all magick books run. Is pretty fun and would make a cool category i think.

Btw. how in the world did you manage to fling him off the map???


Sounds fun. If you feel like doing so, go for it!

Small side note though: Macros are not allowed at all in any category as of this moment. This would be considered a Tool Assisted Speedrun (TAS).

Actually determining the rules for this category seems hard though, since accidentally walking over mines will launch you which would make the run invalid under the "no launches" rule (which might not be what you want). You could consider "No OOB" but that would allow doing launches and skipping some fights. Maybe it could rather be defined as "Every Fight" or so, such that you are allowed to launch yourself as long as you do every mandatory fight.

But either way, if you feel like running it, go and have fun! 🙂

Your fellow fireball catcher,