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On Samsung S7, I use the native recording app and sometimes DU Recorder to record my games. Each has its perks. For the timer, I use a simple app called floating timer. It can get in the way of your playing, so make sure its in a good spot before you start recording.

On Amazon Kindle, I use SmartPixel to record, upload to Facebook, download, and add a timer in a video editing software called ShotCut. I'm not sure if this specific game is on that device, though.

If you have a different way of recording and timing, please share!

Edit: For WAY more help finding resources, join the Mobile Speedrunning Discord and ask any user what they use!
Edit 2: Timer is now not required for this leaderboard as we are using Slush's Retimer for all retiming.


Hey @Dogonabox420, I recommend joining the Mobile Speedrunning Discord and reading over the #start-here channel! I've listed a ton of resources there. If you still have questions, just ask in #general!

Access the Discord here:


Is a timer really required? The game does have an ingame timer.


@BattleMaster the game does not have an in-game timer that I've seen...
However! I've just done a mass retiming of all runs on the leaderboard (count = 10) using SlushPuppy's Retimer:

I will change timing rules based on this. Since Slush's Retimer uses YouTube frames, no timer is necessary. Feel free to run without one!


@BattleMaster did you join the mobile spedrunning discord yet?
It would be a lot easier to talk there 😃

I see the new IGT feature... it wasn't there before, so that's really cool. I'm going to test it out a bit and get back to you.


Looks like the new IGT feature is exactly what we need! For pre-IGT runs (the 10 existing runs on the leaderboard), we will use Slush's Retimer. For all new runs, we could use the new IGT feature. I might do some comparisons between IGT and the Retimer to test accuracy first.

Note that, while IGT is great, this leaderboard still requires video submissions. If you need help recording or streaming a run, let me know 🙂


I haven't found a recording software that records internal audio instead of the microphone yet. Maybe change the rules so that audio is no longer required?


Hey BattleMaster! Any audio is better than none. External audio is the main way mobile speedrunners record audio proof because internal isnt really available. Audio is required because it can help prevent splicing and other methods of cheating.

I like that you have a lot of suggestions, though it would be much easier to chat if you joined the mobile speedrunning discord 🙂