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I'm surprised this game is here without me submitting it myself. I'm the game's developer.

Clearest! (100%): (My video)

Clearest! is beating the boss that poses as a statue (Manote Thiha), beating the secret boss (Scribble Cat), then finding Roti at the right of the Manote Thiha's boss area to complete the game.

Clear (any%): (not my video, not really a speedrun) (I am not sure why this embed is not working)

Clear is beating the boss that poses as a statue (Manote Thiha), then finding Roti at the right of the Manote Thiha's boss area to complete the game.

I can certainly think of other categories, but it's not like anyone's running this anyway. If Clearest! is created I'll submit my run. I can record one for Clear as well if it's needed before the category is created.

Edit: I guess I'll also state my preference for using the in game timer. The time displayed is based on the number of frames that have passed since the first input is allowed. That said, it does not quite match real time because NES does not run at exactly 60FPS and the timer counts 60 frames as a second. Still, for comparing runs against each other that should be fine.


Hey, very much welcome, and very cool you found yourself here. 🙂

100% I'll listen to these suggestions, and actually I would have left a comment on the clearest video tomorrow when I had a bit more time to reach out to you to see if I could have added it to the leader board. It's neat so many homebrew developers are finding their way to speedrun (or even speedrun their own games). Another NES homebrew game I really liked was called Ralph 4, and pubby submitted his own time to that board. Nim and Nom is another neat one.

I'll add these two categories by tonight though and I agree, I would have used the in-game timer. It seemed accurate enough and even if it's not, it basically puts everyone on the same playing field if there's always an in-game timer to submit from once completing the game.


Hey again,

I setup both categories.

Any other suggestions, let me know. 🙂

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Nope no other suggestions. I'll try to get a competitive Clear run up as well, but I'm pretty out of practice. As for other categories... 🙄 I'll wait for other runners.

Lizard NES' creator, Rainwarrior, also runs his own game.


Ah Lizard was one I wanted to check out.

You did a really cool job on this and the mechanics are very neat for a NES title. Was it hard to code?



There's a devlog here that covers some of the struggles: I've been meaning to write a post on boss design there.

Scrolling the way this game does is super hard to program on NES, but I used an old engine I had around. You'll notice most NES games don't freely scroll horizontally and vertically. Metroid/Mega Man/many others can scroll both vertically and horizontally, but never at the same time.

The hard stuff wasn't really gameplay related. It was things like writing a pipeline to swap all the animation this game has in and out of memory and manage the huge areas. Ajna's initial movement was done in less than five days. The statue boss was tough in ways it wouldn't have been on a modern platform, but most other gameplay stuff is just a lot of polish. Not necessarily hard, just time consuming.

I guess matching an existing game made some gameplay stuff harder than normal. Like the original game lets you turn attacks around three frames after they have started, so this game also does that! But I probably wouldn't have bothered if I wasn't cloning an existing game.

I opted for other things a lot of people would have skipped. The game has an input buffer, so you press an attack button while you're currently doing an attack, the attack will come out on the first frame possible.

A long answer to a short question. 😛

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