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here are my proposed rule changes for both individual episode and full game categories:

1. change episode runs to 8-level IGT
from now on, runs will be required to either include a demo or have a visible IGT autosplitter (i have one i can upload, i just need to work out a few kinks with it) to be accepted. existing runs without demos will be grandfathered in and will be manually timed on levels where IGT is not visible.

2. change full game runs to RTA
RTA isnt ideal because different source ports have different load times, often being faster than DOS. but in the case of full game, there isn't a really good solution here; you can't record multi-episode demos and i dont like the idea of requiring all submitted runs to use an autosplitter. however, since this is a longer category and the load times generally add up to only a few seconds over the course of an entire run (as opposed to an episode run where a few seconds can be a huge difference), i think RTA is fine here.

please let me know what you think of these changes and any concerns you have. if everyone is fine with it, i'll go through and retime all the old runs on one of my days off. 7-level IGT is just terrible and we've already stopped using it for the most part in the small heretic demo community that still exists.

also, if anyone has any questions about how to record demos on chocolate heretic, i can upload one of my example .bat files. it's really simple to do, plus it's nice to have a "pure" record of your run without worrying about frame drops, mic noises, bad video quality etc


Hey, i found this forum all recently, sorry for being late.
Hopefully you guys are still active down there.
I was wondering what are the latest cool tools for recording and stuff.
I tried the parameters :
-record 0rec -skill 0 -warp 2 1 -shortticfix -demoextend
just to test it, and it looks like the playback is off (monsters don't behave the same at all), so i'm kinda scared to use demo only.
So right now i'm using obs to record in mp4, and check M8 on the video afterwards, but this won't fit in your rules.

Also, should we put rules regarding the port to use ? because ZDoom port (maybe others) for example allows things that can't be done in chocolate, such as E1M2 climbing over the little pot/whateveritis after the 4 door sequence at the very begining, which can ease Black Plague runs quite a bit.


The change for episode runs sounds nice...
But is there a way to get the IGT for map 8, that is, not tied to any particular source port? I tried googling up some ways to get time and difficulty data from LMPs, but so far the only thing I found is the breakdown of byte values in the files.
Upd.: Well, there is a way to verify the difficulty, but LMPs contain nothing about the state of the game like stat screens, only player's inputs. In order to get m8 IGT there has to be a way to get rid of the episodes' endscreen within the game.

Upd. 2: I thinki that for episode runs the proof video should show the game played "live", as in, it should be the process of recording a demo, not the demo itself played back.