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Hello! Which emulator is accepted for runs? Thanks!


I'm not one of the mods, but looking at all emulated runs on here I noticed they all use FCEUX.

I don't think that's necessarily a required emulator, though. There's a bunch of NES emulators and on my previous laptop FCEUX just happened to run terrible, so I played my own games with Nestopia. Nowadays I'm playing games with Mesen.

Here's a few things to think about in an emulator:
• Does the emulator run well on your computer while recording(FCEUX/Mesen/Others ran awful once I started recording on my previous device).

• Does it show input? Not necessary, but usually highly appreciated. Nestopia didn't have this, so I switched to Mesen now.

• Being able to show a frame count. This one's usually only for popular games and when you're going for WRs.

• Is the emu somewhat accurate? FCEUX is pretty low on this, but it still runs fine for most people, so obviously this isn't a requirement. As long as it plays correctly(no emu specific things that a console player can't do).

No emulator will be exactly like playing it on console, but I think with the above you have pretty good coverage with what could be considered a speedrun friendly emulator. Assuming you don't use L+R, turbo, etc. any emulator is likely fine, but if it doesn't run well, I suggest you pick another one instead of suffer through massive lag, skipping, etc. 😛

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I used FCEUX.
Had no problems


Every emulator that is approved by SRL applies to aswell for the most part, unless the specific communities have different rules.

Personally, I've always used FCEUX. I fully recommend it!

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