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Only on PS2 EMU.

It has occurred to me to introduce another category called Load Skip. In the pscx2 emulator you can load and save up to 10 instantaneous saving holes. Using this, I was able to jump from one test to another immediately. I leave a test run that I have done as an example so that you can see what I'm talking about:


so, use save states to cut out everything that isn't the 10 laps themselves?


You mean to save the game just before finishing the race in all the tests? It could, but it would be too fast and cheeky xD


This goes way beyond the normal way of running games. Won't be happening since save states should be used strictly for practice only.


There are many games with categories where they are not played in the normal way, but what you say. It seemed like a good idea, that's why I decided to share it.