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Hello people! So, me and some speedrunners are organizing a Golden Axe speedrun tournament that's going to happen soon, and I came here to share the news with you all and ask you to join it!

The registrations started today and will be going until July 20th, the category will be Arcade - Tyris Flare! We're planning to make the tournament on SpeedrunsBrasil.

It would be nice if everyone here joins it!


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This sounds like fun! I wasn't able to follow the link though, is it correct? I searched for golden axe tournaments on the site and only found some that had already finished.


This sounds awesome! Unfortunately I will not be able to join, I have a wedding to go to that day 🙁
I'm interested in any future Golden Axe speedrun tournaments though! Please keep us posted in the future!

Hope you guys have fun! Best of luck 🙂


Don't worry InTheMug, you can schedule your match whenever you can (We've planned to do a 15-day deadline after the registration ends). Doesn't necessarily need to be on July 20th (and I'm talking about that with other members of the staff to delay the deadline of the registrations to August), so you can join the tournament!


Sorry if you misunderstood about the tournament start, it won't be made in just one day, you know.


Oh sounds good! I will sign up then 🙂