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If I was to perform a speedrun on Emulator, would that be okay to submit to the PS2 category or is it not allowed/new category should be made?
I'm not sure what Emulator does to the IGT, but I imagine its faster x-x


I have good news for you, you can run this game on emulator 🙂 . If the real time change a little, the IGT is exactly the same on PS2, PS3, and emulator. I've run this game on emulator at one moment, and it was fine.
(and yes you're on the same category than the PS2 players)

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Thank you for the quick reply!


Just wanted to add some information to this. I did a casual run of the game on PCSX2 and ran into a few problems.. figured I'd share if folks ended up here like I did;

Problem 1: Basic recital changing is not happening on the most basic shots (revealing door, etc)
Fix: Make sure you are using Software mode in the graphics settings (I played the game like this for over an hour and a half thinking I just sucked... enjoyment went way up after that fix)

Problem 2: Boss fight was crashing game when entering finder mode
Fix: For some reason on emus there is a bug where if you enter finder mode facing the path to the gate and not the gate theres a chance it will crash.. apparently this is known to the pcsx2 community but as of me finishing the game today on the latest build its still happening)