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This arose during LowKee's last stream where he opted to stop the timer after reaching the end of the Tomb of Ramses escape part rather than ending it directly after picking up the last doll.

It's not like it makes much of a difference, doing the escape part or not, but I feel like it's pointless after getting the hell outta there twice 😛

Ultimately all communities decide on different things how they want, there is strictly no right or wrong in speedrunning. Similar topic is "Does the timer start when you start the game from the main menu or when you gain control of the character?"

Personally I'd prefer stopping the timer just there. What do you guys think?

P.S. It's not a huge issue or anything as the community is rather small and inactive. But if more and more people would happen to join, we're getting back to this topic.

P.P.S. I'm definitely not lazy either, desperately wanting to end the run lol. Just my preference Kappa