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With NG+ It allows for much more gameplay possibilities. Such as grabbing combined abilities and such. Last of Us and Doom have NG+ options, right? Why not Dishonored 2?

A glitchless option would be pretty cool too. The original game had one, and this game should have one too. Dishonored speedruns are based on speed. And a great way to test speed is to use raw gameplay without glitches. I've been running it glitchless recently and I got 1 hour 30 with loads (got rejected because of NG+). Which was better than my old glitchless run. So it's definitley possible.


If you would have been here a few weeks ago you woulda known that we did indeed have a NG+ leaderboard, nobody ran it so it got taken down - the consensus is p. much that bonecharm crafting is rather bloody dull & you don't get to carry zeph & FF with you to NG+ and that's reaaaaaaaaaallly meh.

About the glitchless, I would love to know what you consider as a glitch in a any% corvo run.
Escalators?, there's 0 clips with corvo, you can do the run without escalators and still lose p. much no time at all.
To me it just sounds like you haven't even looked up a traditional Any% run, Corvo is literally just blink management & nothing else.

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Corvo does a glitch at the beginning at Chapter 2 by climbing up the cliff, in many of the runs. Seems like a glitch to me. Also NewGamePlus adds combined powers. Which can be very useful for speedruns.


Yup thats the escalator he is on about. Thats it. You'd probbaly lose maybe 30 secs by not doing it. Maybe a minute. And that is literally the only glitch.

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So when I asked about the escalator, you had no idea what I was talking about?.
Okay, so that's escalator what you're on about, and in your opinion it's worthy to just make a new category for a glitch that you could technically work yourself around and still end up with a decent time?.

It's not really the first time this topic has been brought up, the reason why DH1 had legacy was as it was broken as fuck - isn't really the case here.

NG+ adds combined powers, yep - on a global cooldown which makes it super meh, if you could far-reach into blink fast that would make it kinda neat, but you can't - the usefulness of other skills is really arguable, mana cost of something like timestop is kinda huge even for NLG (as seen by AC NLG) so you'd most likely be better off just spending that mana to blink for days.

Nothing is stopping anyone from doing these runs though, just have to understand that there's no way we can expect for every single meme-y category to be added (yes, I would consider "glitchless corvo any%" a true meme).

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Fact is you can do that Chapter 2 skip without the use of Escalators, you just would have to waste a bit more mana to do it so you would only end up losing a few seconds in the end.

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You'd have a better argument for glitchless if you were playing as Emily since she has clips and wall climbs with f-canceling. But again there's no reason to have that because Corvo is close enough to glitchless unless you want to play Emily with far reach and bhopping only (if you don't also consider bhopping a glitch lol)


Is bhopping a glitch? Also, a glitchless category would still be great.


Also Corvo escaltor in Chapter 2 makes you lose like a minute and a half.


So you want a glitchless category so you can have the rekky. But you dont realise Ill smash your rekky if noone else does. Btw pressing space is not a glitch (or jump)


Have the record? No. Bro, my run is shit, I won't have any record any time soon. You would kick ass my ass easily, but that's not the point. Nor is it the time to act immature.

Look, y'know what? A glitchless for Corvo would be pretty much useless. And a NG+ category seems eh. So you can drop both those categories, at the very least for now.
But bhopping can be debated as a glitch or not. Which is why a glitchless for Emily should be at least considered.

Oh and is the Dunwall skip a glitch?


Sorry if these answers seem like I'm pissed or summin', it's just that these same things come up every month give or take by people who do a single run and are never heard from again.
Everyone is entitled to their opinions & suggestions.

But onto the point:
bhopping is not a glitch, pressing jump again and again in a game is not considered breaking it.
What we had in patch 1.3 and before that, called f-cancelling that they patched that was considered a glitch, and it was a part of bhopping for sure.

There's a way to skip the escalator in mission 2 that doesn't lose you more than few seconds, why doesn't anyone do it you might ask? it's because well it's not glitchless 😱.

Doing a category just to ban one single glitch that saves few seconds isn't really worth it.
It wouldn't be worth it even if it would save that 1.5 minutes that you said it would.
Just think about it, we can't have a category for every single silly thing that comes to mind.

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There is no definition for what is a glitch and what isn't.
It's usually decided by the community what counts and what doesn't - obviously in this case as there's no such categories nobody has seen it reasonable to argue what is and what isn't.

When you think about it, is damage animation cancelling a glitch? is jumping (not out of bounds) a glitch? so if bhopping isn't a glitch does that mean dunwall skip isn't one either because you're just moving you're not actually going OOB like you could with emilys ability.

What I mean is, it's arbitrary to all hell and it would need to be decided what counts and what doesn't.
Like posted above this discussion has happened quite a few times and people usually agree that it's not worth it/can't see the point.


I would argue that the elevator skip is a glitch because it skips some stuff that are not intended to be skipped.

Other than that Corvo would barely change and it would take most of the fun and challenge out of the Emily runs, so as long as nobody does a run there's no point adding that category. (That part applies to NG+ as well)


I guess we don't need a glitchless runs. If one day people start performing glitches left and right, then maybe. But you guys are right, we don't need a category for everything. I'll still go bare naked glitchless though.


Should we start a separate thread for what counts as a glitch or not?


We have a discord that you can find on the forum, the forums are barely ever used as discord is so much easier.


As long as there is life in my body there will not be a glitchless category on this leaderboard.

Feel free to continue running whatever you like though, there's absolutely nothing stopping you.

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