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Hey! I just thought of some suggestions for how to improve the leaderboard and stuff, so let me know what you think of them.

1. Change the main category to Any% NG+. I think it's much more fun than a normal NG run and it should be the default category.

2. Change the difficulties name from "Easy", "Normal", Hard" -> "Casual", "Normal", "Hardcore". This is what they are refered to in-game, and so they should have the same names.

3. Adding subcategories for each difficulty. Otherwise it will be unfair for those who don't play on the same difficulty to compete with each other.

4. Add rules, such as when timer starts, ends and what NG+ means etc.

5. Add a better wallpaper. The current one is low quality and should be changed to a clearer and nicer one.

6. Make the theme of the site more fitting to the game's visuals. So maybe use the same colors such as the cover art or something.

7. I've made rank icons and a logo, so they could be added as well.

All the wallpapers, rank icons and logo is in this dropbox link: