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Hey there,
I speedrun this game quite often and only cannot stream it because my PC and my internet bandwidth is too slow. Also recording via Fraps drops my FPS to 10-20. Maybe with a new PC soon...
I wanna try to get a (small) community running.

However, there is only a "beat the game" category, which is literally any% according to the rules. Plus I think any% is quite boring for viewers, since most time you spend is flying from place A to B only.

The used glitch mechanic (strafe/fly) also doesn't work in the latest version of the game (Origin/Steam/Whereever) but only on cracked, modified and old physical copy versions.

Therefore I suggest a new category like "Delta - Glitchless" (or/and "AnyDiff - Glitchless") which has some challenges, low RNG, different strategies and needs close to perfection in player mechanics.
Another category would be like "Delta - Glitchless - All Objectives" (or/and "AnyDiff - Gltichless - All Objectives").


- Amberdrive


It's cool to see that people still are interested in this.

To be honest I think the flying glitch/circle jump is what makes this speedrun exciting both to run and to watch, but I see what you mean in your post. It sucks that it is hard to acquire a copy the game with the flying glitch/circle jump. I wish such a version could be purchased digitally.

More categories could be interesting but personally I think that there needs to be speedruns out of a category first, then it could be added to the site. As far as I know there are no full ss runs of glitchless or any other difficulty at this point, making the addition of categories unnecessary, as they would just be empty.

I'll be looking forwards to seeing your runs when you are able to record them Amberdrive.


I get your point that it is advisable to have runs in a category before creating that category. An empty category could defintely lead easily to false assumptions. However, maybe others will start playing that category as soon as it is available. Let's see what I can do...


So, here we go:
My first upload and recording of my glitchless delta run.
As mentioned FPS drops from time to time but quite satisfied nevertheless.
Now I'm gonna contact other runners to challenge my time. Let's see if that keeps things rolling.


I always wanted to run Crysis 1 but since i found no runs of Glitchless on the internet i didnt run it because i want people to run it with to have competiton . But since you started running it i may start too .


With a new high-end PC I started running this game at 60+ fps and maximum graphics again. Back into business.
Got a new PB

I contacted some (old) crysis runners to challenge my time, let's see about the feedback.
David ( who recently placed 5th on the any% category tried first time on the glitchless delta category. I'm thrilled to see another (successful) run 🙂

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I had a technically successful run on November 11th. I beat the game in 1:57:34 with a terrible time in Awakening, but an otherwise ok run. There is obvious room for improvement and since I have some free time from work for Christmas, I may try another run. For now that's my best time. I'm not sure I want to call it my submission, but I want to let you know I have a time at least.


I'm glad to see you're still at it David. Sadly the feedback of contacted players wasn't all that positive. So I guess an official glitchless/delta category isn't happening. I topped my time to 1:09:xx but didn't record it. I will do some live runs surely in the future, as soon as my internet is fast enough to handle that. Uploading an 1 hour run takes about 20 hours at my place, already resized/optimized to 720p and for uploads 🙁 Shoutouts to the rural areas...


Hey Amberdrive, it has been 4 months since someone has wrote in here, how is it going? Anything new? I would like to see more runs of this. Maybe a new runner will join this at some point.


The category has been made
I am eagerly awaiting your runs


After having studied most runs from both categories and the video below and my own attempts I have come to the conclusion that a slight change of the current rules for the glitchless category is in place.

The glitches not allowed in the glitchless category are the strafe jumping, circle jumping and save/load glitching to get through barriers or OOB. Also if anything like item duplication glitches or infinite ammo glitches or anything of that nature exsists or are to be found then these are/will be also prohibited.

This does not mean that OOB by itself is banned. If you manage to get ontop or over something using your regular abilities and not any glitch then it is perfectly allowed to go anywhere on the map.

Therefore the video that I have mentioned before and will link here at the bottom is the current route as far as I can see. But this video will not be added to the leaderboards because of it being cut up by the uploader and can not be timed correctly, nor can it be proven that it is not segmented.

If anyone has anything against this then please let me know.
So the new rules shall be henceforth:

No strafe jumping glitch,
No circle jumping glitch,
No quicksave/quickload glitch

OOB allowed if done glitchless


Holy shit! This is great! I definetely gonna upload a new improved run next month 🙂 Streaming due to internet bandwith still useless.
Thanks to David for poking me.

We need to discuss 3 things.

I found a bug myself if you don't trigger the cutscene in "Assault".
Steps to recreate:
1. don't trigger the cutscene ( meaning don't walk up to your buddy like you are supposed to be
2. walk down to the beach (I go left in mentioned video, you have to take a path down to the right)
3. take a look to an enemy boat near the shore - the boat is there, the Koreans are STANDING on the boat, not interacting or defending. you can hijack the boat without any issues

Just entering the boat saves like 30 seconds and the risk of dying is 0. I suggest the rule should be either triggering the cutscene (so everything works fine) or the route is not allowed, since it is a glitch. I could use one of the other boats at the beach BUT the enemy boat won't shoot me, so I can escape with the other boat pretty easily. When the enemy boat is working fine, it is VERY hard to escape without ending up exploding (enemies shooting from everywhere!)

Is following run violating the rules?

I think this is pretty boring, but I don't see anything prohibited.

What about the difficulty? I don't see any mention of that.


Hey Amberdrive, the difficulty can be whatever you like, just like in the any% category. As for the above being prohibited or not, would you consider that a glitch? is running around something a glitch? to skip a cutscene ? The idea is to not input things that create glitches, but the game being buggy/glitchy when you input normal inputs/behaviour that any player could is not the runners fault.


I'm not sure about that. I mean, if I know that my behaviour/movement creates a glitch, shouldn't I avoid it?