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How do you setup your splits and start your timer from Contra? I thought I had something decent by copying what I saw in Toad's run (-9 seconds, start timer when you mash start), but over time I've noticed quite a bit of variance on when my timer hours zero versus gaining control in Jungle. Any tips? Should I just be manually starting at zero?

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It's weird because the time can vary depending on when you press start, it seems you have to at least wait for the jingle to play out before the screen wants to start the transition. I had a trick where I would wait for the explosion sound effect to hit start and had a -7.25 offset that seemed to get it down.

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I start my timer from the audio cue when the level starts. After the second set of 4 notes and before the third. It seems to be the most accurate way due to the unpredictable nature of the start screen sometimes.


Rottdawg's method of starting the timer on the explosion with a -7.25 delay is the best imo. I've been using that for ages and it works well.

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When i can move my character, thats when i start the timer


I just do it by feel. It's a slight moment after the screen finishes loading before you gain control. I'm pretty sure the music sub-consciously helps accuracy, but I don't deliberately pay attention to it.

Another way to do it would be to time the difference between the screen loading- when the black bar reaches all the way to the right- and your character loading, then have that be your buffer. Just hit the timer as soon as the screen loads.

I wish I thought of that sooner, because I think I might like to do that form now on xD

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Oh, this works for me because I use a foot pedal. For those without a foot pedal, it's probably a pain to try to hit a key on a keyboard the exact moment you have to start moving in the game.