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well as you said it can take 1- 3 weeks to be vertified. people have lives too and if your in that much of a rush to get a time vertified you probably shouldnt be speedrunning. it should be as well no vid no did. if you want to be serious bout speedrunning id start recording runs and when it get verified its verified have patience.

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I really shouldn't give this the time of day, but I'll give you a quick run down that can be explained in a few sentences.

I'm a busy woman. I didn't even see your submissions until late last night, when I was about to sleep, and was checking SRC to make sure there was anything. There was, there was your stuff, so I decided to do it the following day, as I had work early. I work most days, dude. I'm a busy woman, as I said.

I'm the only mod who works with Arcade stuff. Chubbus and Garbi don't really understand the system (which is confusing until SRC makes something a bit better), so it's just me.

But for real, you gotta learn some patience. 2 days? By the time I got to it it was 3. I can understand wanting your runs to appear sooner on a leaderboard, it gives you a sense of satisfaction that you truly did it. But 3 days to you is like waiting, and I quote, "a decade, a century or a millennium for verification"?

Good lord, this isn't my job. My job is sucking my soul dry as it is. This is a hobby I love to do and get to whenever I can. WHENEVER I can. In the future please try to give mods the benefit of the doubt. We're doing the best we can.

Anyway, I've accepted your runs. Congrats on your new WR.

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Can you ever imagine the happiness going to sadness when a person submitting a speedrun of a game calls you lazy and negligent for not verifying their run sooner?

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If you want a favor from someone, don't start by calling them lazy or negligent. Lizstar was nice and immediately verified your runs but next time, a simple "hey guys I got a couple runs awaiting verification, can you verify them?" would suffice

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