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Yep, it's been done. This is what happens when I get bored of main categories. Sub 10 is possible, sub 5 is the dream. (not 100% sure if it'll be humanly possible but it'll be very insane to get)

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Oh also new any% no OOB strat at 17:40, it's really hard, especially if you have to do it deathless, but I think it's slightly faster. Probably not worth doing till like 2:34 lol


very cool! I tried this for a little bit and had a lot of trouble, even early on in the run. Must've taken you a fair bit of work to learn this. I've had some success implementing that new strat though! Haven't done it in a serious run yet, but hopefully someday...


Yeah it took a couple weeks of on and off effort. Nowhere near as hard as I expected actually, there are only about 3 rooms that really gave me trouble (the spinning fire bars room where you go down then up, the room after that, and the very last room). The rest of the rooms have surprisingly easy setups and this game's audio cues can give you a lot more info than you'd expect, which is why I think if I get good at those 3 rooms sub 5 may actually be viable.