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I'd like a list of glitches that are used in speedruns, and are not allowed in the Glitchless category. I'm hoping to get a chance to speedrun, but the consistent updates of Windows 10 are not helping. It used to run perfectly fine for about an hour or two, but now it will not survive even a few minutes. The SilentPatchBully was ineffective unless I'm doing something wrong with it, probably not. Anyways, I'm sure the rest of the community would like a list of glitches so that we know what is allowed and what's not.


We don't have a glitchless category because no one would run it, we'd be doing the run for 4-5 hours in that way, and no one wants to be doing that.

You have to extract SilentPatch to your Bully directory, as separate files. Don't keep them in any kind of folder.