Version Differences between Xbox 360 and PC

By Super ModAdamSpeedruns. Last updated

This document is wrote to outline the differences between the PC and the Xbox 360 versions of Bully: Scholarship Edition.
The differences listed are only ones that have an effect on speedrunning this game.

The Xbox 360 version is patch 1.03 while the PC version is patch 1.20

Loading Times
PC: Fastest loads, rarely a loading screen with an image.
Xbox 360: Very long loading SCREENS, which adds upwards to 30-45 minutes in a real time speedrun
¤¤better bring a drink if you're playing on xbox

Clipping OoB with trash cans
PC: Many cans are patched on PC that would otherwise be useful. One is still able to be used for a death warp in Chapter 5.
Xbox 360: Using this to get knocked out by falling out of bounds for a death warp saves a few seconds in at least 2 different instances in chapter 1 alone. (no more than 25 seconds total)

Manual Aiming Sensitivity
You can use an Xbox 360 controller on the PC version, and this is the slowest sensitivity there is, with no way to adjust.
Mouse is the fastest, which may also be able to be adjusted with a mouse's DPI (dots per inch)
Xbox 360 on console is much faster compared to using the same controller to play on PC, but slower than PC aiming.
so the order from fastest to slowest is --- PC > Xbox 360 > 360 controller on PC

Game Crashes
PC's biggest con is it's game crashes, without a doubt. It can throw away a great run practically anywhere it seems.
Xbox 360 has no recorded game crashes. This is not to be confused with softlocks though.
Both games have the possibility to softlock in the same places and instances.

Boxing Glitch
There are two buttons to punch on PC, opposed to one button on Xbox 360. The second button on PC has a bug that when you spam that button, the boxers will not punch back, allowing for all 3 to be finished in the first round.
On Xbox 360, you have to rely completely on RNG, and it is rare that you will finish any in the first round. This has been tested, and this is what was concluded. You are mostly likely to finish the first boxer Chad in the first round though.

Tagging Glitch
PC: Switching to widescreen mode in game options causes a bug where once you lay down a tag on a wall, it will fade away and allow you to retag the same spot, just seconds after spraying it in the first place. Used in the mission 'Tagging'.
Xbox 360: There is no way to switch screen modes in this version, meaning no tagging glitch.

Revenge On Mr. Burton mission glitch
It is possible that upon starting this mission, you can have the wirecutters spawn in you inventory somehow.
This has only been recorded on PC though, it may be possible on Xbox 360, but it's not recorded.
This may have something to do with the different patch numbers again.

Sledgehammer in The Tenements mission size
On the PC version, the sledgehammer that Norton drops in The Tenements is much larger than the one in the Xbox 360 version. This has an effect on the hitbox, as pointed out by DunnandDunn.

Preppies Vandalized Greasers Cutscene
On Xbox 360, you are able to skip the cutscene where you talk to the greasers in New Coventry by simply mashing A.
You can skip this on PC by pressing W and your Sprint key at the same time.

Garage Door Opening Speed
On the Xbox 360, garage doors require more button inputs to open a garage door than the PC version requires. This is strange as only a few taps of the button do the job on PC but on Xbox 360 it's more of a process with more inputs.

There are probably more I just couldn't think of them right now