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Hello all. I made a video tutorial and notes for Terapin%. This is a category that we created to help new runners who may be interested in learning the BoF2 speedrun or don't have time to run a full game. We have the category on the leader boards. I hope for the category to become a "Boogey Tent%, Kefka at Narshe, ect. for BoF2 one day.

The run can quickly be grinded down to a sub 2 within a run or two. Sub 1:30 would not take much to grind and a 1:15 - 1:20 would put you at the top end.

The BoF2 any% run has come a long way and learning this fire part is a great start. The run gets much easier after this category ends (actually last 2 bosses are easy)

The Breath of Fire Discord would be the best place to get information on this speedrun, any% or glitchless. I just want to spread the word about the categories that we have.

Breath of Fire Discord:

Link to my tutorial video:

Link to my notes for Terapin%:


I can confirm that Sub 2 hours is definitely achievable with minimal practice 😛

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Probably the category will cap out a bit above 1:10, but anything below 1:15 is pretty RNG dependent. TagWoods in particular can easily steal 2-3 minutes, or just end a run.


Great guide. This is a pretty beginner friendly introduction to speedrunning this game. I'm liking everything thats going on with the game I've began learning the rest of the game due to this guide. I'm aiming for at least sub 1:25 for this category for sure.

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