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Area 1:
Same as the others, Hypershot still required.

Area 2:
Same as Gunvolt/Ekoro, his shovel can destroy blocks, so you go to the second last screen (big area) and then go up to the top right and get the crusher. Yes, crusher shot is very likely required, see Area 6 for information.

Area 3
Same as the others, get hover, defeat boss, Save & Quit warp.

Area 4
Same as the others, get a key after defeating boss then Save & Quit warp.

Area 5:
Can almost skip Dive Gear but in the final room before Area 6, Shovel Knight doesn't have the tools to make a huge leap to the other side, so Dive Gear is required.

Area 6:

Reverse entry to Wall Climb gear is not possible because he cannot perform a wall jump. I have not tested if his shovel can destroy blocks above him if he cannot then crusher from area 2 is required.

Area 5 > Area 4
Use Dive gear, same as Jason.

Area 7:
Same as Jason in terms of 2D route. Shovel Knight has very good walking speed and using phase locket to become temporarily invincible and avoid taking damage.

Area 8

No sequence breaks, the locket is very useful against bosses and has a much easier time than Shantae without her Mother Brain transformation.

The route is identical to Shantae but has an easier time against bosses thanks to his OP Phase Locket. I haven't entered all of the dungeons and tried out hidden armour abilities.
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