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I found a faster 14 route (web). it is ~42 seconds
I accidentally made this route up as I messed up the previous route but the end turned out to be faster.


Nice! In my 4:45 that I unfortanently didn't record (it happened just don't have a video) I did lvl 14 in 33.45 seconds. I did
All the way to the right, left 1
All the way to the left, right 2
Made the ball get the vertical line of the one (stayed up and down)
Random playing to get last 2-4

Sadly the 4:45 probably won't be accepted
that link is proof of the 4:45


I found a almost reliable 35 second (between 35-40 hopefully) strat for 14.
All the way right, left one (one bounce)
All the way left, right until the paddle doesn't touch the wall. (one bounce)
All the way right (one bounce)
Let it fall
Move about 4 to the right (the ball should hit the corner (one bounce)
Keep it there once it falls let it bounce one more time
If i have said it right and you did it all right, you should have 3 or less
the rest is just random playing
this (slightly worse strat) was used in my 4:19

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yeah i knew you could get it faster but i wanted to eliminate the random playing part if it. i will see if i can make a fast one that still eliminates this.

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Yeah the randomness of the last step is the only drawback..


I got a consistent 29.20 second route that works every time. It is a slight variation of visurient's variation of my old route. It uses only 2 balls, meaning it only respawns once. My old route had 4-6 balls, cant remember exactly. When looking at the old route i realised i would need to minimise respawns as they take a few seconds. Shaving this time off allows for an insanely fast route. hells yeah. ill upload a video of it soon.

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Nice! With this and a perfect run elsewhere, sub 4 may even be possible!

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I feel like that isnt far-fetched. I literally did a touchscreen run for fun and saved a full minute off my old 4:;22 pb (3:15).
Its so possible