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We once talked about settings that we are using to play the game, and so I wanted to lis them what settings we are using, and well I wanted to give it a try and test different kind of settings.

So share your settings and the errors or other thigs that are happening to you while playing on this settings.

Run game with compability mode Windows XP (Service Pack 3 - Apparently Windows XP with Service Pack 2 fix the audio APPARENTLY) and as a Admin, and use the "best know" settings setting thats we found.

If this doesn't give you constant 60 fps, try enabling HW Vertex Processing.
It helped me and few others people getting constant fps.

THIS ARE OLD AND OUTDATED SETTINGSD, not sure if will work for.

So thats mine settings

Only thing that is bad, after credits in any% I got the "No Memory" error, and while 100% game crash while using last tripple elevator just before final boss with the same "No Memory" error.

Here are some other settings that I found, and are claimed to work perfectly (WHO KNOWS) or at least work good without any speed ups, or audio / video de synch




My main page settings:

My advanced Graphic settings:

(These are not optimal, just my most recent settings haha, I used to run them at a specific set which worked well, but ATM this is the best I could change it back to)




Ok I did something. I had the issue with not being able to uncheck Autogen Mipmap, but after I reinstall the game, the issue was fixed.

So now this are the settings that I will test as sson as I can.


With the settings I posted before, game didn't crash while doing 100%, so thats good, only problem is audio.

Audio glitched a lot earlier then normaly ( or with old settings ) and later audio glitch was a lot worse then with other settings.

But in the end I think its good trade, audio is glitched, but at least game didn't crash for me.
Will do another run with this setings and see if this will happen again or not.


I updated the main post with the "best know settings" that work.


This might not be the best place for me to ask this, but did anyone find any reliable solutions for the audio/video sync problem. I would like to start running this game on pc (been playing around with the console versions for a little while), as it is the fastest version, but I've never been able to solve the sync issues.


If you mean the video being played faster then audio in cutscene then I think yes.

The settings that are listed in first post, are the "best" know settings to us that are working good on different PC.

In last ESA or another marathon where Luoth was running this game, he did old, or his settings and game was running faster ( Also I noticed that monitor at marathon was cappable of running at 120 hz instead of 60 hz, but I wasn't able to confirm the connection ) BUT then he did the settings that I listed and game was working fine.

There is still this annoying audio glitch at the end, on the moon where audio just stop playing during Peyj reunion with Jade, but well at least it doesn't affect the runs.

Here is the video I was talking about -

The only problem is they only showed the good run, after getting good settings.

PLUS - we are using program called D3DWindower to run this game ( well some of us )
that let us play this game in windows mode and some other stuff.


Thank you very much Senvy,

I'll be trying D3DWindower and some other stuff to see if that solves some of my problems. I've been tinkering with this for a while but since the video is desyncing I just can't do a run of this game.

It runs absolutely fabulous now. Thank you so much Senvy


Thats good to hear. If you have other question ask. There are some save files and guide wroted so this should help a little.


Hey, i'm new to running BGE but i'm having problems with D3DWindower, it's not the good resolution and i don't know how i will be able to split when the time is right to do actual runs, you have any tips?


Okay nice thanks for the settings, i have a good resolution now, but isn't it going to be a bit difficult when trying to split? or is it something that you gotta be quick with? sorry if it's a dumb question 😛


This may not be the perfect place to ask this, but how exactly does the MR. De Castellac cutscene skip work?


First, we set a hotkey to split, so you press lets say P while playing the game, the P doesn't do anything in game BUT it hit the split, everyone have there own settings.

De Castellac skip work in 2 ways. Old - You stayed in one place, wiggled the camera and while doing that, you spammed W to move forward and prayed that you had good angle to skip cutscene.

New - You run to the wood pillar, aim with camera and walk / run and you should get the skip a lot easier then in old way, but still its not 100%, but it gives you a lot better chance.

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Oh nice thank you so much Senvy, just put P as global hotkey, gonna try the new way of the De Castellac skip and will be learning more tomorrow and hopefully getting runs in soon, this forum has allready been really helpfull 🙂

Edit: tried the new way allready and got it first try nice work guys 🙂


hiya Senvy, i'm Jasper Head Tech for BSG(that marathon luoth was running at)

In last ESA or another marathon where Luoth was running this game, he did old, or his settings and game was running faster ( Also I noticed that monitor at marathon was cappable of running at 120 hz instead of 60 hz, but I wasn't able to confirm the connection ) BUT then he did the settings that I listed and game was working fine.

i had the game setup to run on 120hz, windows is also set to 120hz, so that was all fine 😃


Yeah, back then the top was old not best know settings.

Also PoY though that the reason the game was faster was the Hz in settings.
Maybe its both something to do with Hz and one options that cap the fps, who knows, this game is old, broken, and weirds.


How can I open these settings? Can't find them ingame can I?


If you have it on uplay you can choose between loading the game or loading settings, if you have it on steam it should load the settings first


No you can't find it ingame ruudf. This settings you can find in folder where you instaled the game, run SettingsApplication.exe and there you set your settings.

Also be sure that you run game and settings under windows xp comp and run as admin, this 2 maybe are not so important but its a old game that was never ment to work on newest system, so it safer to use windows xp and run as admin.


Who knows a safe website for the Windower programm?