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I plan to run this In Feb/March.. Using a mouse vs actual super scope hard ware should be a good reason to separate the categories.. Mouse makes it easier to aim.. super scope players should be in a realm of there own.. having to aim and sit there for 12+ mins 🙂 let me know what anyone else thinks..?


The reason I didn't separate it is because there's a whopping 4 people that run the game, one having never submitted times at all despite having ran it at GDQ. I didn't feel that there's a need to split it because the game simply has so few runners.

As for me personally, only reason I run emu at all, is I don't have the space, setup, or finances, to properly run it off of a console. The WR is faster on console than the emulator time right now, as well.

I am open to discussion on this though!

When you start running it, feel free to hit me up if you have any questions! I really do want to see more people running this game so don't let console vs. emulator deter you from learning it on whatever format you wish 🙂

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