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considering they are two completely different games, I think it would be most appropriate to have two different leaderboards.

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I am surprised this has still not been taken care of. You may want to bring this issue up with a site admin.


mentioned this two years ago wanting this to get fixed. Now, after two years, the solution is to just take down my run and tell me it needs it's own board. yes i know, make a separate board for gbc. I'm not a mod, i can't do this stuff. please fix this.


This originally got my attention when a normal user browsing saw this game and reported this thread, following up a post about it.

I'm sorry you've had to wait two years, I decided to look into when you last posted about it and saw that you did report this in a post on the main forum about a year ago but you did so in the entirely wrong thread and it went unnoticed. I saw that thread here and got @DarkAcChess attention regarding it.

According to what I was told, the mods don't have notifications here and only looked at runs when posted (which is kinda terrible I agree) but I also do not understand why you made almost no effort to try to reach out to the mods directly here or site staff?

Nonetheless, DarkAcChess agreed that the game should be split. You can request it here; just be sure to use (GBC) into the games title. Currently, DarkAcChess wants to resume series mod for the series but at this time I cannot complete this request as the requirements to do so cannot be met at this time so he cannot manually add this leaderboard.