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So there's been a number of concerns about getting v1.2, which as far as I know can only be done if someone finds an upload of it from 3+ years ago. I don't even know where my own files for it are so an upload from me is impossible at this point. However, V1.3 (which should be easily available on GOG/Steam) is very similar to 1.2, with the exception of no infinite xp glitch from the dryad in Durlags Tower and some changes to the chapter skip glitch in the mines and can serve as the main pre-2.0 version. Going forward in regards to the leaderboards I propose 3 options:

1. We simply add a version 1.3 section and have it be the headliner for the game, while moving 1.2 from the opening spot due to its inaccessibility at this point in time.

2. Swap the current patch to the opening spot, and simply use the latest version as the primary version for current speedruns despite the differences in 2.0 from the original releases.

3. Just remove the 1.2 category altogether.

Let me know what you guys think, and depending on what happens with the upcoming 2.5 patch we can decide on what to do from there.

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I understand. Feel free to change whatever you think is best!


I don't think we should remove the 1.2 category. You have a great run and I don't want that to disappear. I think either 1 or 2 seem most reasonable. Honestly I don't know if any change is needed, but if we're assuming something must change then maybe better to show current until some v1.3 runs are posted? But I can see v1.3 being the primary at some point.


If i knew why offensive spin wont refresh 18 times in a row you would have someone running against you. It is a nice run like jebedoh said


Can we even run either game? Someone pointed out on my stream that you can hack saving throws / enemy encounter rates e.t.c without being provable. We run baldur's gate 2 with basically no info at all to allow those dialogue glitches, and you can't prove if an enemys throw or even hp has been changed 🙁 rip