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Someone join me in speedrunning this fun game! Yeah, this is a desperation call to anyone who plays this game and would consider speedrunning it.
I've been considering it, since I have the game, but I need the necessary equipment to have video proof of doing so. But, when I do, I'll definitely try it out.
I'd consider running an extreme difficulty category, providing it could be done with an imported character. It would add a layer of planning onto to the game.
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for extreme with an imported character, I guess we could limit it to, "must be imported from a previous normal mode run". The main reason I didn't add extreme mode (yet) was because I figured someone would import a level 40 character and just sprint through the whole thing without a care in the world...

But this would indeed add a new layer to the speedrun. Dorn would more than likely become the ideal character to use (maybe Ysuran even) and the sheer difficulty of extreme mode would make the run interesting and challenging. A very thorough run on normal with plenty of Wisdom gaining trinkets would be the best way to go about it. I like the idea, thanks for posting.
What kind of equipment is needed to record a run? Had this game on PS2 now only on original Xbox? Would love to speedrun and see more speedruns from this game. ive had many year break from playing this game, but i used to play it alot.
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if you can stream/record on twitch that's about all that's needed. I just have a powered splitter and Diamond VC500 capture device hooked up to my laptop for streaming. PS2 or Xbox is fine. I don't really know the difference between them in regards to load times, but it seems PS2 is faster (but slower when saving).
Are we allowed to use a PS2 emulator? Can there be a coop category? (want to run this with my friend and maybe solo)
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What effect would emu have on load times?
Not Sure if this would be the right place, but How about making a Discord server to talk about stuff and route stuff ask questions etc. I am on multiple other speedrun related Discords and thought that might help this game get a bit more attention if the info is less scattered. Would be great to discuss ideas with other ppl who love this game^^

Heyo all! My brother and I obsessed over the Dark Alliance games as kids, amd I just dug out my PS2. Planning on learning these games and by February I'll be recording runs I hope.

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cool! if you're on twitch I'll be on the lookout for you. Also, better discord server: