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We have a Google Spreadsheet to keep track of weird challenge runs you might want to attempt and challenge others with. LINK :

To start, donnchadh has submitted The Unfamiliar Run.

You guys are welcome to submit any type of runs you'd like, with a distinct rule set. reply here or message me here/discord.

Lots of ideas on Discord, but not many has submitted runs yet, or I guess, completed their run? haha


Naked%, idea stolen from Loonycloud87.

-Enter the tower for the first time
-Don't equip anything at any time
-Get as high as you can
-Throwing weapon/shields is allowed
-Glitched entry is allowed (though why would you not have Kewne)

I'll kick things off with Floor 27 at 50m00s, died at 55:06.

Now someone get to floor 40.