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Sorry, I'm a bit confused what the "bookless" refers to, could someone explain it to me? Thanks.


Sure thing. 100% is getting all the monsters seen in Koh Sister's book, Getting all 7 girlfriends, building and doing all town buildings and events and then finishing by getting to the top of the tower and grabbing the Ultimate egg. Bookless takes out the book part, so you don't need to get a snowman, clown, Flame, Block etc.. to evolve them to fill out the book.

the RNG is already super heavy, finding and duping Roche fruits to grab eggs(or finding the eggs in the tower) and raise the monsters to level 20 is a bit of a hassle. So bookless takes out that. which reduces the potential time for a run considerably.
I hope that explains it. 🙃

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Thanks Shauny! I did read the rules a couple of times but couldn't work out what the difference was, and had a dim moment when I thought "there isn't books in Azure Dreams!"

I've always been tempted to run the game, so the 10-20-30 floor categories might get me into it.


If you decide to do it, me, Shauny and a lot of other fans of the game, discusses it all the time on this discord

Also we announce our streams and you could do the same for yours there. we always likes to see more runners out there ^^


mike, i hope you give it a shot, 10 is very easy to get into to warm yourself back up to the game.

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