2D Zelda Games Forum  /  Game Boy Color Trilogy: Linked and Unlinked category?

As of right now, the GBC Trilogy category does not have a linked category; the 2 more popular speedruns are the required runs for the category. Would there be interest in a linked version as well? If there is, I'd love to make a seperate tab for those 🙂


I think this is a great idea. I have seen at least 1 or 2 people do runs of the "GBC trifecta" lately.


Linked is tricky since the Any% run is now so broken that you don't even play Seasons (you ACE through the link cable to call the credits upon starting the file). It could be done but I'd think it defeats the purpose of the run. Might be better to go with All Essences Linked which does at least have gameplay in both games.


Ah, I see. Perhaps unless interest is shown by someone, we can just table it for now...