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This thread was created for your new category ideas, please write your ideas here instead of creating new threads for it. Threads with names like "New Category" will be removed from this moment!


Find Dupe Stash%
Dupe stash refers to a shulker box with fully enchanted diamond armor and fully enchanted diamond tools. (Excluding hoe) and at least 64 gapples.
Timer starts when clicking respawn.
Timer ends when the shulker enters your inventory.


@CardboardGamerCardboardGamer No, we cannot be 100% sure it was just luck, and not something like your friend helping you, or you are using alt


Escape 100k (Hacks/Vanilla)
This will be a challenge with some more strategy to it because it will require food. To prevent the issue MegaMix raised where a "friend is helping you, or you are using alt", the rule could be only naturally generated terrain is allowed to be used. So if you happen to find a player-made farm or stash it can't be looted.

Escape 1million (Hacks/Vanilla)
This run will be longer but more interesting strategies could be used

IMO escaping 100k in vanilla should be the main category

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