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Hey guys.
I'm new to the community, only discovered that speedrunning was a thing recently and decided to give 2048 a crack because I've been playing for years. I have always tried to build bigger numbers past 2048 rather than going for speed. After playing for 5 years I made it to the 16384 tile for the first time a few weeks ago. Seems like bad tile spawns always ended my runs. I'm hoping to grind out some recorded runs and be the first to post a time for 16384, but since it took me so long the first time I'm not sure if I'll make it again. Has anyone else ever been to the 16384 tile?


In fact,make 131072 tile is possible,and I still remember I had the 65536 tile...


Yeah, I have got to the 131072 tile twice, but that requires saves and undos. I am talking about getting to 16384 in a standard game without being about to undo mistakes.


The furthest I have gotten legitimately is the 32k tile. I think I uploaded a short vod to the discord a few months ago of the culmination of that game that took me legitimate hours.