2048 Forum  /  Should we add smaller tiles for records like 512 or 128 or 256?

Put ideas of sub record runs that we should add below

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We should add 256 and 512 ive seen some insane times for those

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The smaller categories were removed because they are not competitive and are subject to things like lag abuse. There are several other forum posts that discuss this topic.

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yeah, that will be good but the moderators don't allow it because of "spamming and noncompetitive".
And 2 months ago there was a category extension of the game that was accepted by the site, but when I added the Main Leader board Moderators, they deleted it, AGAIN.
You can see the argument of us in the 2048 discord server back in October of 2021.

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The moderators made the decision to remove smaller categories a few YEARS ago for a reason. This is why there is no interest in creating category extensions for lower tile speedruns at this time.

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I only feel like this would be fair to do with 1k and 512. There has been more competition for it lately. But they were also removed with reason.

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yeah it would be better if there were smaller titles for 128, 256, 512 and 1024

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I could understand adding the 1k and 512 categories, but everything below that is almost entirely luck/RNG based. You just mash as fast as you physically can and hope the RNG works out in your favor.

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add games like these, they arent very easy like they seem they are changed where like in 8 you need to combine 3 of 1 number to get to the next number and both only go up by 1 when combined.
(11) http://suki.ipb.ac.rs/11/
(8) http://suki.ipb.ac.rs/8/
Here are others, I havent tried.
(243) https://243game.com/
(-512) http://hgentry.github.io/-512/
(1597) https://hummel.dev/1597/
and then theres the insanly hard ones, these are the ones I could find, I still havent been able to beat them they would be fun to speedrun tho.
(2048-3D) http://joppi.github.io/2048-3D/
(2048-4D) http://huonw.github.io/2048-4D/
(16384 hex) http://rudradevbasak.github.io/16384_hex/
then theres 2048 versions that act the same.
(2048 Alphabet Version) https://vdmitriyev.github.io/2048/
(2048 Pokemon) https://filipekiss.github.io/2048/
(2048 Minecraft) https://pepelluepe.github.io/


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This page is only meant for the official version of 2048 on the allowed websites. The moderators have no interest in expanding categories to accept runs from other sites at this time.

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There are games that are similar like this one version of 2048 pokemon https://2048arena.com/pokemon/


original version is original version only, nothing more
the rest are diferent games with diferent variations, they have to be purposed as new games theirselves in the games submission requests (unless a series appear)