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Please submit all ideas for categories here.

Current main categorie is "Full Run"
Involves beating the game as fast as possible without quitting or restarting.

Possible future categories could be:
- Challenge%
Involves beating every level with special requirements

- Quit%
Beating every chapter as fast as possible while being able to quit to the
main menu to skip most cutscenes and select the next chapter.


Thanks for getting the game posted! I had submitted it myself along with a Full Game - No Cutscenes run. That category is needed for sure. As well as individual level categories.

Rules for the No CS category will be tricky. In my opinion there are two options. Either pick a visual cue for each game as the endpoint, or require players to Quit out of the cutscene menu, which only has (Continue/Quit) as options. In-game pause menu has (Continue/Controls/Quit). The latter is cleaner, but is also problematic because each game transitions out at a different time and there is no way to know you are in the cutscene until you pause the game. I'm starting to like the first option better, and it would also allow for the same endpoint in the full game run as the individual level runs (where they don't care about returning to the main menu). I would propose:

Beating Heart - Hooded figure jumps off wall.
Out of the Void - Black screen after escape.
Runaway - Time's Up message after reaching 0.
Shadowplay - Demon head transition screen after final level.
Kill Screen - final hit on boss for IL, full game not needed, just wait through until the end credits begin. 🙂

Curious for other's thoughts!


Thanks for your post!

I think visual cue is the only way to go. The cues can double as endpoints for the IL runs.
I'll get started on getting those categories in right now.

(edited: )

I'd like to propose/clarify the Shadowplay and Kill Screen timing rules. There are a few issues with each that I have identified:

Shadowplay - If you wait for the demon head to completely cross the screen after the final stage, the game actually locks you out of quitting back to the main menu for several seconds. There is also no visual cue for the transition, only an audio cue. I would like to be a little more explicit in saying time is the MOMENT you see the demon head emerge from the right, because you need to quit out before it completely crosses the screen. I clipped a shot VOD of this to explain further:

Killscreen - Maybe it's just me but I have a hard time figuring out exactly what my last input in the final battle will be (unless I end with Heal I guess?) I think the rule should be changed to the moment when the screen minimizes after the final fight (it's a visual effect like a TV turning off).

And for the full game - No Cutscenes run, I think the final time should be when the credits begin to roll, like in the Full Game category. Reason being you still have inputs during the final cutscene to stand up and I feel like all player inputs should be included in any full game style run.

Let me know your thoughts, thanks!

(edited: )

I think these are well explained and reasonable changes you are proposing. I'll update the rules and verify your new run, so it can stand as the standard.

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