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I just 'finished' the game on New Years Day (including mirrored levels) but already early on in the mirrored levels I found the urge to find optimal paths instead of secure ones. Therefor I am now here as a total Speedrun newbie.

1) I have installed speedrun-timer v1.1.1
2) I have ran a few speedruns which includes all levels 1-3 which seams to be Any% which now have values saved in the seedrun-log.csv file.
3) I have learnt how to capture video of a run (and now have a sub20-run on both csv data and video capture).

Now questions:
-Which of all the times in the csv file should I enter for my speedrun?
-Can I use the level-data (if so, which value?) to register level-runs as well even though I have not run with flag -timer-il-mode?
-What more should us newcomers ask about? 🙂


Hello, welcome 🙂
For run submissions, we only require that you record your run with the timer displayed and submit the video. The csv files are not needed, so don't worry about those. Same for individual-level (IL) runs.
for IL runs you need to use -timer-il-mode, but we can accept runs that were done without it. It would just be a bit more work for us - we would have to retime the run so that it starts at level load.
You should join the Discord and ask about the many ways to save time in the speedrun 🙂


Is the shown time the time with load or without load?


The time without load is the important one