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I've been competing on the Xbox One leaderboards of this game since release. I have managed to track down some old videos and recently recorded some more. I have about 50 of the 100 levels recorded and available to me. Is the date the run was completed important? If I know the exact date I will input that when uploading times but if I'm not sure (some are 2 years old) should i put an estimate up?

Also should I submit any times where I only have either a screenshot or video of the in-game menu time and leaderboard?

Look forward to uploading to YouTube and posting some WRs soon!

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Hi, and welcome ^^ parkourchicken has mentioned you a couple of times, so I'm glad to see you've decided to join the leaderboard.

The exact date the run was completed isn't super important. In the case of ties it decides who will be placed higher on the leaderboard, where earliest is put highest. In addition it will affect the "WR History" graphs that can be found under statistics, though I doubt many people even know about those. So for the ones where you are uncertain about the date an estimate is completely fine.

As far as evidence of the run goes, I will only accept video evidence that shows the actual run in full (with the new best time shown at the end). So unfortunately screenshots or videos showing the leaderboard are not proof enough. There is sadly a user with clearly cheated times on the PC leaderboards, and I have also personally stumbled upon ways to cheat your times. Doubt anything like that would be possible on Xbox, but I have no way of verifying the console, and in addition screenshots in particular are way too easy to spoof. Hopefully that is alright.

Exited to see your times/strats, even if it means saying goodbye to a lot of my WRs


Thank you for the welcome! I will have to find time soon to do some uploads.

I'll just have to re-run a bunch of times, hopefully be able to improve a few in the process as well.

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