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Hey! I'm going to start running this game and wondered if there was any sort of community around. I'd love to connect with you all. I've searched around for awhile and haven't found much. If there are other forums you're on or anything let me know!
  Super ModHayate
At present, 1080 speedrunning communities do not exist.
I saw this thread now and made 1080 speedrunning community discord servers.
Awesome! I'll give it a join. Thank you ^-^
Cant believe this game doesnt have more of a community. Prolly one of the best n64 games imo

First top time I looked at is just somebody filming their high scores screen. Is that really ok? I mean, it's not remotely verifiable surely?

edit: In fact, it seems to be all tracks one of the top 3 is that video. From 17 years ago.