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Crystal lake history : the primary , the legend and the revolution.
From scratch to everything , in 1080 , you have usually your favorite course , crystal peak for his zigzag route and his moguls , golden forest for his bridge , moutain village for his cave , dragon cave for his mountain skip and deadly fall for his famous alcove.
But here , this is not like that , this course , is the most famous one on the game , the most popular , the most running , the most legendary.
His history is big as fun , considered as one of the most easiest but also liked race , all 1080 players knows all of him. His music , his line , his shortcut…
Today , me , Unlash_ , a speedrunner of 1080 snowboarding , gonna present you the history of the first race on the game : crystal Lake.
1/ the Genesis.
1080 snowboarding born in 1998 on the Nintendo 64 , and , already , the plans for a speedrun game was on the point. After Quake revirments and the beginning of the highest era of running games.
The oldest race submitted on the leaderboard was played on 2001 , his name ? Ron_Klijn , getting a 1min02sec46ms. Yeah , the first one was a perfect record on crystal lake , his race is amazing , getting all of the acnowledged strategy on the runs , he understood all , the jumps , the shortcut , perfectly :

And his record was standing first for…16 years right now ! anything could stopped ron about the world record. But , many of them trying to pull out his place.
The first one was Mahrla , he’s the second person getting the famous 1min02 seconds. He trying to pull out his best effort into the game , and reach another strategy to get him divided by another principe to take the shortcut on the middle of the race :

The second player : Sage327 , pulling out a 03sec on crystal lake and was the second to follow mahrla strategy.

But… that wasn’t enough , Ron races simingly to perfect, too difficult to beat him , or even tryna to do the same like him. And , 6 years after Mahrla records on crystal Lake , the game started to change , and many other players comes to her propers views on the game.
Another speedrunner : brylarke , crushing out the point of Mahrla records and getting a 83ms on Crystal lake on June 2012 , he tries to follow the most difficult path on the game , and he was able to pass the shortcut removing the jump control :

The second one : ZG , one of the famous Ocarina of time speedrunner tries to shows his skills to determine another good record , he tied Mahrla and follows the same route as him :

And the last one : articfox pulling out a .86 on the game , liking all of 1080 series and one of the best trick attack player , he gives his best on crystal lake and manage to pull of a good record on.

But , all of this records wasn’t sufficient to manage at least a closing rank to The primary Ron , until 2013.
2/ the new ERA.
In 2013 to 2015 , many brands new players came to the game and started to grinding to pull of the record of Ron Klijin. CMV , after few months grinding , tied the famous mahrla second best record on the leaderboard, he’s the fourth one taking the shortcut without jumping.

After CMV submission on the leaderboard , all of the concept of crystal lake change and they follow the ultimate goal to manage to put their record on the top of the board.
And finally , the 1min.02sec and 83ms was beaten.
The guy ? TheLuge , the famous world record on the novice mode and holding them even today in RTA timing. The concept and the improvment ? in the shortcut , he was the first to pass on directly without jumping and turning on , also , he manage to pull of a closed session on the sided bash left before finishing , and he got 1/02/70ms , beating mahrla famous 2nd best record by 13ms , a big improvment.

But , this second place just stayed in since 3 months. A new players , a new man tries to face of with Ron legendary records , he shows , by a video proof , the strategy to be very closed on the top of the course , he was the first to jump before taking the shortcut , the first to jump on the fallen path , and also , the first guy to be closed to the summit : BarraNZ by 1/02/50 :

Barra messed up the tied world record , another year addded to ron world record , he gets the top 10 at this time on the oldest world record standing. And after that , for 4 years , anyone could pretend to get the same time as ron. But we could notice many players trying another strategy.
Bonus section : the Tahoe party :
Two racers : Yu_ and green alex.
The first one , yu ; japanese player ; playing with the second best board on the game , after that , he pull of the sub .80 :

And , a little surprise for me , because he was the best french player on the 1080 speedruns community but also the best Dion blaster player : green_Alex. He plays with the most known character , and , pull of a sub .03 on the game , following almost the perfect race and show to everyone that : even if you play a bad character : you can produce miracles !

3/ 2017 : the legend came on : Hayate.
Basically a star fox 64 and yoshi’s story player, Hayate410 , aka hayate , was a former japanese player who gets many records on the 1080 series , mostly in avalanche who helded the WR in the hard, expert and extreme mode on it , he also hold the any% WR which means he’s the best player on the 1080 avalanche game.
But , he also manage to pull of many other wortld record on 1080 snowboarding , before the last year , he has 7/10 WR on the game , mostly the 6 races on level leaderboard.
But the most significant was on crystal l ake.
On the 13march2017 , hayate was officially the first person tied ron_klijn world record on crystal lake , his record has 16 years difference than the oldest one : yeah , hayate got the famous .46 on the race.

Trying to keep up on the novice mode and the advantegeous frame at the beginning , his skill was shown for the plebs and a perfect play was demonstrated in front of us. And , even today , we considered this record as the most wonderful one. After this day , the legend came on.
So , after that , anyone could predict what will happen on the future , a tribute to the legend was obiviously normal to do , but , the game himself doesn’t accept his limit , how ? 2 brand new players , came on , and provocate a revolution of 1080 snowboarding level.

4/ Lommasloman : the king .
Speak about the second one : LommasLoman , at the beginning of his speedrunning , he was only after Deadly fall world record with his brother Phalaer. But he also , in second plan , trying to pull of Crystal lake route.
He started to grind and he got easily 1/02/66 for his first record , placed 5th on the leaderboard. But he wasn’t satisfied and he push fowarded to the game , after 1 month , he got the famous .50 and tied barraNZ and after that , he was convinced to get the world record on crystal lake.
He finally came to a presurre and find the way to tied the famous players getting 46 on it. But…
He got a fast progression after grinding a lot. Saving one frame to the end, Lomasloman was the second one beating ron klijn 17 years old world record and getting a .43 thanks to his consistency and a very low margin mistakes.

But , that also wasn’t enough.
18july2018 , Lommasloman was the second one getting the miraculous .40 on Crystal lake , tied the WR in this occasion , and he ‘s today considered as the second best player on the game.

5/ MrP86 : the ace.
As known as a goldeneye speedrunner , MrP86 see an opportunity to play on 1080 snowboarding again after december 2016 replaying on it. But , after started it , he was rarely beaten.
He gets one year ago a .63 on crystal lake , his first record on it include a top 4 on the leaderboard , and , when i saw that at this time , i knew that’s gonna be , for sure , a WR destroyer.
One month after his record , in few grinds , he was able to tied ron klign famous .46 on crystal lake. Yeah , no joke , he tied in one month a 18 years old record. What happens after that was easily anticipated.

10april2018 , an earthquake appeared on the leaderboard. The ron_klijn record , holded for 17 years , the first one , was beaten by him w/ the first 1min2sec43minutes.

But , Lommasloman , with all of his skill , manage to tied him again , and MrP86 wasn’t done. In July , he got the first .40 on the game , a less consistency , more risky and perfect shortcut pass was the key to his times.

So after that , we could say « ok , this is the end , this is the limit of 1080 ». if he was here , he probably said « no » , but , he prefers to show us the true sense of what the quintessence of 1080 player could be : he got 1/02/37 on crystal lake in 1august2018.

He could beat the famous record on ron klijn and w/ a few grind session , he was able in 4 month to show us the ultimate 1080 player.
6/ to conclude.
Today , the record of MrP86 is not beaten or even tied by someone , it probably required a unique sense of the game , lommasloman is on the hit to play on crystal lake again. Maybe this could be him , maybe bert will get the perfect record estimate to a 1/02/33. Maybe phalaer will give it a shot , maybe hayate or ron will came back…or maybe , an unknown player will show to everyone what is the perfect time 😃.

7/Bonus story : unlash_ the rookie player.
My story is a bit short bu i would like to give you my experience on this race.
I started in july to grind crystal lake races after ecounter LommasLoman and MrP86 on the discord 1080 servers. I got in the middle of the month my first 1/02/79 and i was happy w/ this score.
In september , i started twitch streaming and the two best player came on it and give me some advice , i grinding a lot and i finally save 6ms on my race , which means 1/02/73.
I was basically a full game player and not consistent , but one of my dream was to tied the famous .46 , even if he was beaten by the two players.
So for 1 month , i started to grind one day per week and i got , thanks to the jump on the shortcut , a new record on crystal lake. 1/02/70.
I was happy about it , because i knew after that i could approach my goal , and i got in 2 sessions a .66 and a .56.

Because of my lack experience , i was about to give up this race , mostly because i run on the wii u version , but also because i see more difficulty appears on it.
So i relaunch a relax stream to speak with the other players about this , and i got fastly a .66. at this time , MrP86 advice me to save the ghost probably to restart at a weak point and get the .50. that wasn’t bother me , so i said why not.
And it finally happens.
In the second try , i remeber it all. I pass on the shortcut and the ghost was far away behind me , in the snow route , i take the risky to push my stick to the left and i did that perfectly. I was concentrated and when i pass the finish line. I see my record.
1/02/46. I immediatly popoff.

I popoff because one of my dream was realised , i screaming « YEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS ! » that because this record was true !
So , for the moment , i didn’t beat that , but i don’t care honestly , a 4th place on the leaderboard isn’t the problem , the best to retain that , is , for the first time , i rejoin the elite.

Crystal lake history : by Unlash_

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Very good write up. Enjoyed reading it

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Nice story. I will race again this summer. Just for fun. Not to get records I guess, it's too long ago..but you never know.

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Excited for your return. What course was your favorite?

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Crystal Lake(surprise!). The record then was 1.02.50 (in N64-magazine. By a young kid from Christchurch of all places..😟). It was +/- '99/'00. Racing 3.06, 2.86, 2.70 etc made 50 look too far away. Untill I got sub 60. Long story short...50 got easy, but had to break know the feeling. 46 seemed too hard. Wasn't the case obviously. Once. Then the drive was gone. Now with all the fenomenal times it tickles. My goal will be Crystal Lake and Deadly Fall(the docu got me interested in that race). I tested if I got some feeling for the game left some months ago. It was gone. Totally. Didn't remember how to get goldman/penguinboard😮. I don't expect anything. On the other hand..when I finally got a record back then in whatever course it at once became easy to get that time every time, so now I know what's possible I can see slower than the record, but faster than 46 as slow. Yes, that'll work. For sure. Don't know how I'll film it. I gues a smartphonecam pointed at the tv. Bigger tv than back then btw...fwiw. Later!

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After an hour or two of playing again. Itll all come back to you. Atleast in my experience, once you learn the spots in the course where the snow pulls you either left or right. It becomes easier to get the times lower.

How did you feel when you got the 46? Did you celebrate a lot? My brother and I tend to scream in joy whenever we get good times