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I think the jump off the cliff was done too far to the right. But that's a very minor thing.


Thanks again man. This is an great contribution to the community. Enjoy the rest of your summer. You deserve it


How much faster on Deadly Fall is the jump before the pillar section? On the left turn. 1 frame?


Great, I can't wait. I have some questions for you once you get to DF.


Hopefully your 100% run gets accepted. It be great to see you on the event.

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Edit as march 17th 2020 : reposted multi segment runs with a capture card. the potato cams one , except for deadly fall OOB , are deleted.

Crystal Lake :
Crystal Peak :
Dragon Cave :
Deadly fall :
Deadly fall OOB :


ahah thanks dude! i cannot text you on discord idk why? hope you are fine 😃 .


Awesome stuff. Cool to see that there's still a second barrier to be broken on the Peak and DC.


Thanks , but there still more discoveries to find on these races , i will go for it 😃


weekly multi segment results :

1/27/81 Mountain village : saving 1 frame at the beginning , 4 frames to the cave.
1/17/45 Golden forest: Saving 1 frame on the turner shortcut beginning , 1 frame after the bridge trees turner.
1/22/79 Dragon Cave : saving 1 frame to the mountain cliff, 1 frame before the bridge and 1 frame to a jump cancel mid-air in after the bridge.

Next time :
Mountain village for a 1/27/58.
Crystal peak for a 1/25/94.


1/25/93 Crystal peak Right now , new strat discovered : Sonata Double Bonk in the end , saved 2 frames instead of only one. , the other frame saved was on the first turner on the S bender.

gotta go for the 1/02/20 Crystal lake 😃 (After mountain village 1/27/58).


1/02/20 Crystal lake right now , saving a frame to Sonata double bonk in the end.
gotta go for mountain village 1/27/58 😃 .


1/22/73 dragon cave , 1 frame saved at the cliff drop by anti-bizzy-air jump , and another one on the 3 cancel jump airtime before the fallen snow part.

good run but still dissapointed to not sub 70 😕 , gotta go for mountain village 1/27/58 😃 (for sure).


i have to precise i will participate to the december event with players but in a TAP maker , i will focus on crystal lake match race and dion possibility. i purpose to you to choice after i finished Mountain village what map would you like to see me to improve with the gold boarder until december in the strawpoll.


( PS : i also decided to not go anymore on bonus TAS (old route DF and dion DF))


Hi Sonata,

For clarity, I did both Dragon Cave cliff jumps in my 1'23"39, although I didn't do the second jump in my 1'23"25. It depends on how you land before the rock in the middle of the cliff section.

Also, please don't delete any more of your posts. They serve as a record of the conversation. Now when we go and look at page 1, it makes no sense because none of your original posts are there.