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During my twitch stream today, I found out that strafing was significantly faster on the Xbox version, which is what I intended to speedrun this game on. But after testing out the same thing on the Gamecube version, it seemed like strafing was much slower than moving straight forward. This video aims to compare the movement in the Gamecube and Xbox versions of the game.

Basically, Holding forward on the control stick is the fastest way to move on the Gamecube version. Strafing is much slower on Gamecube. The exact opposite is true for the Xbox version, where moving forward is really slow and strafing is the fastest form of movement.

The biggest problem with strafing is that the camera will always be moving while you move. This means that optimal movement on Xbox would be to hold the left stick forward + left/right and hold the right stick slightly left or right depending on which direction you're moving. Holding the right stick will prevent the camera from moving and messing up your angle. This is obviously much harder to do perfectly than holding forward on the Gamecube version.

Another thing worth mentioning is that on Xbox, you don't have to be moving at a 45 degree angle to get optimal movement. As long as you're not holding the left stick exactly forward, you will still move quickly.

I believe the Xbox version will still be faster for full-game runs because of the insanely fast loading times, but Gamecube is almost certainly faster for IL's because movement is so much easier.

EDIT: This information is not accurate. Please read my post below for information

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Did tests between Xbox and PS2 and their movement speed is about the same but obviously I have not come across the movement glitch on PS2.