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Hi Guys,
I found a way to remove cutscenes from the game. IMHO it is not legit for speed running to remove all the cutscenes but the one on the start of the game annoys me and does not change the gameplay one bit. (I am already subbed to both of them.)

If you go to "Zero Death_data" folder or Show Contents on Mac you can delete level0 and rename level2 to level0 this removes the thing at the start Quicker boot to new game screen.


Or you can just click one of them and the cutscene stops


You still have to wait a bit for the buttons to show up though. Are we allowed to remove the pregame intro about subscribing?


@MeesterTweester yes since that is before the run. But none of the actual cutscenes throughout the run


You can delete cutscenes, too. But I believe it should be illegal for speedruns.


It is not allowed to delete the 3 cutscenes in the game itself


I would love to delete the intro if you guys ever make that version of the game send me the download.


I would like to delete the cutscene when you boot up the game where thomas talks for 2 minutes, Anyway to do that?

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And there is a cringy moment in it too


Renaming level2 to level0 should delete thomas cutscene. I can put already edited versions into sources for 2.0 and 2.1 if you guys like.

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Edit: Tried what you said and it does remove the intro. Only downside is that it softlocks whenever you try to go back to the main menu. Which is what you do whenever you reset in a run.


Solution is to not rename then, Solution is making a copy as level0 and keep level2


Yeah, we came up with it. Now everyone on the discord doesn't have the intro now. Thanks so much