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Hi there!
I want to run the game but when I tried to use the charge throw + Heat move on Majima during Chapter 2, it didn't remove a lot of health..
Does the game patched that?
Thanks for the answer


Nope I literally did it 2 days ago and i'm fully updated. Are you sure you're doing it correctly? Taken from Lilly's guide:

"This ability allows you to Charge Throw which you used in the first chapter. Why this is so useful is that not only does it do a lot of damage but the move used after you do a Charged Throw does double damage (Or close to it). So if you Charge throw, then use a heat move as your next attack, it does a ton of damage."

You must make sure the next attack is a heat attack. If the next move is not a heat attack then it won't work. And make sure you're properly doing a charge throw by holding down the throw button


After watching your learning stream, the problem you were having is that you were not executing the Charge Throw properly. I realise that in my guide I mention how it works in Chapter 1 but didn't reiterate it when explaining it before the Majima fight in Chapter 2. So I added this line in to make sure it is clear.

"In order to successfully complete a charged throw, you need to press O (Or whatever your grab button is) to grab, then press it again and hold it until Kiryu glows yellow."

Everything else you were doing seemed fine for the most part. One other thing to mention just in case is that the shoulder charge is needed to break his guard after he gets up if you aren't doing a heat move. It did look like you were doing that though, but I thought I'd reiterate it. And like Froob said, always make sure the heat move is used after the charge throw, if you use any other attack between, it gets the damage increase instead.

If you want to talk about the run at all, feel free to message me on Discord as well.


I don't understand what you're talking about? Does it mean running in the new game?


Yes, this is the New Game route